Of Songs and Herbs

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October 2017

Volume 1/Number 3

Autumn's Song

Antares drifts westward as we enter Autumn's gate,
The cool wind arrives, penetrating into the innermost rooms,
Throughout the courtyard there are hints of the coming frost,
And the cold silences the cries of the cicadas.


Personal Power and Disease Prevention
Who controls your health? Most of the time it's that beautiful person staring at you in the mirror. Proper diet and exercise, an adequate balance of work and play, and meaningful interaction with other human beings are all essential to maintaining good health. Indeed, apart from accidents, “acts of God”, and the extremities of chronic illness, you are the prime determinant in the maintenance of your overall health.

It even turns out that you are more powerful than your genes. Now, that's not to say that you could “will” your genes to produce wings or a tail – no, nothing so extreme. But it is true that lifestyle decisions impact the expression of your genes.

That is:
Bad Genes + Good Habits = Significant Health Improvements

Good Genes + Bad Habits = Significant Disease Potential

In other words, please, please, please take care of yourself. Don't rely on doctors to “fix” you, not even acupuncture doctors. Instead, please allow us to guide you back to your own, personal balance. Come in before you get sick and you won't have to get sick.


Here's the formula:

A pinch of preventative medicine
A dash of education
A cup of personal effort
And taste.

A Pinch of Prevention:
Elderberry Elixir OR “Flu-Shot Be Gone!”

Elderberries are an absolute gift. Rich in flavor and laden with medicinal value, they are a true friend to young and old. For years I have benefited from their use – never catching cold, never suffering the flu – and I've seen many others enjoy similar results.

For the next month or so I'll be taking orders for Homemade Elderberry Elixir. (Please order via email; $40). Each batch is good for three months, and so will carry you through the colder months, all the while masquerading as dessert (for those who don't like their medicine). To be clear: Children love it!

If you'd like make it yourself, please find the recipe on my Steemit blog.

Acupuncture through the Seasons

There's a pine tree in my yard which is so full of sap in the summer that it occasionally drips on my head. It's a fine specimen, and truly the envy other trees: as the year wears on, it never loses the “blush of youth”, however bearded in hoarfrost. Even so, one must concede that even the pine, with the shortening of the days, withdraws. Perhaps the sap is driven less to excess by the now curtailed passage of the sun. Or perhaps there is a sort of intelligence which, through custom or experience, guides the sap to the root in acknowledgment, however small, that winter is coming. Whatever the case, should one not but wonder that the noble pine, the ever-green, must bend to the changing of the seasons?

And this pine changes least of all. Its rushing sap of spring and summer, its quiet, but persistently verdant stance of autumn and winter, these are mere whispers when compared to the changes in the other trees. And their changes, however bold, are tiny when compared to those of animals and insects. Indeed, there is a seasonal behavior expressed across the canvas of Nature, which is shared, in greater or lesser part, by all.

While I admit to rejecting a simian attribution, I have no quarrel with Nature, and undergo the same seasonal changes as the rest. I feel my blood hot on the surface in summer; I feel the cold encroaching upon my bones in the winter, and embrace this as natural.

With acupuncturist's needle in hand, how could I ignore this truth? In summer, if the physiology surges at the surface, then what good is a needle to the bone? And in the winter, as the tissue pulls inward to resist the cold, why would I think to prick the skin? As the seasons change, so do the patients, and as the patients change, so must the acupuncture.

The world is turning all around us, and we turn with it, spiraling, spiraling, quietly forward, pressing ever-onward.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Autumn!

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